VI Cancer Patient Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to provide monies for un-insured Virgin Island residents who are cancer patients and other special needs cancer patients who appeal to the Cancer Support VI group for assistance. Excluding the payment of airfare and medical prescription costs, which are covered in the US Virgin Islands by the American Cancer Society, the VI Cancer Patient Fund will address the financial needs of specifically un-insured or underinsured VI Cancer patients with medical treatment expenses (initial chemo, radiation, medical testing, medical equipment and other needs required for quality of life for cancer patients who are unable to get other assistance.)

The VI Cancer Patient Fund is not set up to handle the complete medical coverage of any individual. The VI Cancer Patient Fund is set up to help in small ways to make the journey of the cancer patient easier to bear for local un-insured Virgin Islanders. It is a stop gap as the patient's family members or social workers attempt to set up the newly diagnosed or current cancer patient with VI Medical Assistance to cover the patient for their long term treatment. CSVI encourages patients to exhaust all other resources so that the limited funds of CSVI can serve as many Virgin Island residents who are suffering from cancer as possible. There is a total cap per patient per year of $1500.

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