International Capital & Management Company Celebrates Life through the Annual Student Hall of Hope Art Exhibition

Vibrant music, face painting, clowns, beautiful artwork and the talented students of several local elementary & junior high schools participate in the annual Student Hall of Hope art program sponsored by International Capital & Management Company.

In recognition of Cancer Treatment Centers of America's annual "Celebrate Life" event, the staff of International Capital & Management Company conducts an annual art exhibition for St. Thomas Elementary & Junior High school students. The purpose of this event is to educate the youth on cancer awareness and instill a sense of hope within the community. "This is much more than an art show, it's another means of reaching out to our youth" said Cornel Williams, President of International Capital & Management Company. "We are extremely supportive of local educational initiatives and have partnered with the University of the Virgin Islands to support their Business Residency Program as well", said Mr. Williams.

"Each school is a winner in our eyes" said Michelle John, one of the event coordinators, "their overall participation and support is what truly makes our efforts successful, we're looking forward to even greater participation every year as the program continues to grow", she concluded.

International Capital Management Company is a private merchant bank providing a variety of asset management services to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and several international and US based companies.