Make Cancer Disappear

CSVI Strives to “Make Cancer Disappear”
with a traveling participatory art installation

Everyone has been impacted by cancer and no one should fight this battle alone. It takes HOPE, COURAGE and STRENGTH. It takes a COMMUNITY. 

For the month of October, aka Pinktober, CSVI will strive to eliminate cancer through a participatory art installation entitled “Make Cancer Disappear.” Our vision is to work with schools, members of our community, visitors and more to participate in the completion of this piece. It consists of four blocks that have etchings of the word “Cancer.” Each individual is asked to pin a ribbon to help cover the letters, symbolizing how we are not alone and together we can make a huge impact. The blocks will individually travel to different locations on St. Thomas, including CSVI sponsored events. At the end of the month we intend to unveil the completed collaborative pieces.

CSVI will also develop a video detailing the process and telling the story behind the project. Our hope is to gain national attention and spread our powerful message. 

Let us all come together make CANCER disappear.
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Our Messaging

To show that we are not alone in this battle and that we have all been impacted by cancer, please help cancer disappear by placing a ribbon…

A ribbon for Hope
...for courage
...for strength
a ribbon in memory
Or place a ribbon with your own intention to help show…
Alone we are only one drop, But together we are an ocean.