why Cancer

39 out of 100 people
will develop cancer in their lifetime.

Over 30% of US Virgin Islanders are uninsured, adding undue financial pressure to an already stressful cancer diagnosis. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the USVI, and the economic and emotional burdens of cancer are significant to both the affected individual and the community at large. Most patients must travel to the US mainland for complicated surgeries and treatments. CSVI is here to provide support, information and assistance to USVI residents impacted by cancer.

patient stories

I had no insurance and no job and I found another lump in the same breast they removed. With the help of CSVI I was given funds to go see the doctor. CSVI helped me out tremendously when I had nothing.
— Michele Daniel, Breast Cancer Survivor
CSVI provided a network of support, they provided hope, relief from stress and someone to turn to when I needed help. The organization was awesome, paid my bills and allowed me time to recover.
— Tamika Nickeo, Breast Cancer Survivor
After the hurricane, CSVI helped me get my uncle to Miami so he could receive the urgent medical care he desperately needed. They have been a beacon of light for everyone who has come to them suffering with cancer.
— Brenda Aubain, Caregiver for Uncle


Barb with love ball.JPG

Our 2018 Pinktober campaigns raised over $140,000 for USVI cancer patients.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of local businesses and community members:

  • Over 54 Main Street businesses participated in Paint the Town Pink and raised $12,000.

  • Our local schools, businesses, including the Department of Tourism sold over 5,000 “Big Love Buttons” and raised over $20,000.

  • We collected $10,000 in our 20 pink rain boots.

  • Several local businesses initiated “independent campaigns” and raised over $40,000.