our story

Cancer Support Virgin Islands (CSVI) was founded by International Capital & Management Company (ICMC) in 2005 as a cancer support group to provide information about the latest treatment options, complementary treatments and nutrition. Since inception, CSVI has assisted over 2,200 patients through grants exceeding $2 million. We are the only non-profit organization in the USVI to provide financial assistance for patients’ medical and non-medical expenses. Our positive impact in this community has been extraordinary, and our vision is to further expand fundraising activities that support additional grant giving and programs that support cancer patients in this Territory.

our mission

To work with patients, medical institutions, and community organizations in the USVI to support those affected by cancer. We do this by providing outreach, education, advocacy, financial assistance, and other resources that support patients on their cancer care journeys.


To be an advocate and resource to those in the USVI impacted by cancer.

Value Proposition

To provide our patients with comfort and peace of mind during a difficult time and our partners with positive community impact.

Our Values

  • Demonstrate compassion, empathy and inclusion to patients - No Virgin Island cancer patient will go without support

  • Foster collaboration among clinicians, hospitals, patients, families to improve access to care

  • Promote LOVE, inspiration and empower those in our community through volunteerism and philanthropy

  • Be humble and embrace hope, which expands optimism

  • We are dedicated and committed to working above and beyond expectations to improve the lives of those in the USVI affected by cancer.

CSVI Board members

Annie Hostetler, Shareholder & Board Member IPB
Mike Allietta, President IPB
Nichole Knight, Chief Operating & Accounting Officer, IPB
Barb Michaud, Director of CSVI
Charlene Kehoe, Director of Patient Services

Advisory Board members

Monique Aubain
Dee Brown
Dilsa Capdeville
Willie Hamed
Dr. Erole Hobdy
Jessica Likens
Beverly Nicholson Doty
Kelly Obrien Uszenski