Pinktober - Breast cancer awareness month 

A month long series of events designed by CSVI to raise awareness and funds for those in our communities impacted by cancer. We partner with local businesses, members of the community, and schools to customize initiatives that align with our fundraising goals. Our 2018 campaigns raised over $140,000. In 2019 we are bringing back by popular demand our “Sip Dip Bubbles & Paint” event and “Drink Pink” wine event as just one of the many highlights.

Paint the Town Pink

A month long initiative created by CSVI and customized by local businesses, retailers and non retailers exclusive to Main Street that raises awareness and funds for CSVI. Many of the shops and restaurants provide a product where a portion of the proceeds goes directly to CSVI. CSVI had over 54 businesses participate in October 2018 and raised $12,000. We will showcase a very similar initiative in October 2019 by expanding our reach to include the Havensight marketplace.

Big Love Ball Button Campaign

After the devastating hurricanes in 2017 and no opportunity to raise funds we found this amazing company who’s mission is to spread love one button, one big love ball at a time. We brought this initiative to the local schools as a way to spread this message and create awareness for those impacted by cancer. In the fall of 2018, with help of the creator of the Big Love Ball Company we created the “Shades of Pink” Big Love Button campaign. We sold over 5,000 buttons and raised almost $20,000. In 2019 we are working on another amazing campaign with the Big Love Ball Company  “All Cancers Matter” and expand to reach more schools, businesses and members of our communities not only in St. Thomas but include St. John and St. Croix.

Give Cancer the Boot Campaign

In the fall of 2018 CSVI was inspired by the Jerry Lewis Telethon and his collaboration with global firefighters by using their boots to engage communities to make donations. Thanks in part to our partners at Zappos and Hunter Boots we designed and created our own version of this amazing campaign. We distributed over 20 boots to local businesses, schools and members of our community to fill with donations. “Give Cancer the Boot” campaign raised over $10,000. CSVI is looking to expand the outreach in fall 2019 by distributing our boots to a wider audience to include St. John and St. Croix.

New Initiatives


Changing the face of Men’s health – CSVI will launch and entire month dedicated to bringing awareness whilst raising funds for those in our communities affected by cancer. Events will include “Bowling for Balls,” “Sacks of Love” Run, and “Grow a Mo’ to Save a Bro.”  Our fundraising goal is $10,000.

Executive Poker Game 2020

In partnership with the non profit organization “Executive Game,” CSVI will host an unforgettable evening featuring a world class “Texas Hold ‘em” Poker Game. The stakes are high and the opportunity to raise over $90,000 for those in our communities impacted by cancer is huge.