CSVI has helped thousands of members of our USVI community since 2005. These are a few of their stories.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My doctor called me at work and the only word I heard was CANCER and I just started screaming because the first thing that came to me mind is that I thought I was going to die. I went through the process, had my breasts removed and went through chemo in the states. When I came home to the Virgin Islands I had no insurance and no job and I found another lump in the same breast they removed. With the help of CSVI I was given funds to go see the doctor. I got to see first hand how things were done here and it was very helpful to me. Within a few months I got a job as a social worker at the cancer center. I got to work with patients and tell them my experience with CSVI and Charlene and how they helped me out tremendously when I had nothing.
— Michele Daniel, Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Tamika Nickeo, and I have breast cancer. I was diagnosed in December 2015 at age 30. My doctor told me it was breast cancer; it was common but it was dangerous and I needed to act fast. Breast cancer changed my day-to-day life, it made me realize how precious life is. It slowed me down. I took a leave of absence at work to get treatment. After my first year of treatment, my work insurance was cancelled and they refused to give me COBRA. This put me in great financial difficulties and I worried about being able to continue my treatment. I also worried about my hormones and reproductive ability, my child and my life. I want to be here for my son.

I heard about Cancer Support VI from my best friend’s mother. CSVI and Charlene helped me financially with my bills and rent. Charlene also helped me apply for Disability after my insurance was canceled. She helped with my medications and travel for treatment. CSVI provided a network of support, they provided hope, relief from stress and someone to turn to when I needed help. The organization was awesome, paid my bills and allowed me time to recover.
— Tamika Nickeo, Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Brenda Aubain, my uncle Robbie Querrard was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer about five years ago. The doctor told him stage 4 throat cancer is a death sentence and that most people with this aggressive cancer will not live past six months.

After learning about CSVI and Charlene Kehoe, my grandmother immediately reached out for help. After the hurricane, CSVI helped me get my uncle to Miami so he could receive the urgent medical care he desperately needed. They also booked a hotel room in Miami for my grandmother, Jeanette Querrard; where she stayed for six months until my uncle was well enough to return home.

CSVI continues to provide support and resources necessary for my uncle’s well-being. They have been a beacon of light for everyone who has come to them suffering with cancer.
— Brenda Aubain, Caregiver for Uncle

I was diagnosed in July 2013 with breast cancer. I met Dr. Rosenberg and he said he saw something suspicious and the next step would be to get a biopsy on St. Thomas with the stereotypic biopsy machine. I thought nothing of it because and my doctor in the states said not to worry, this is not uncommon. A member of the community brought CSVI to my attention and that they provide financial assistance. They want you to get the best possible treatment and their giving to me only inspired me to give back to the community.
— Barb Michaud, Breast Cancer Survivor

Our goal is to keep supporting more patients impacted by cancer and it is only possible with your support.